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Fair enough, the topic of "in love with OW" is one that pushes my buttons because of my own history. I apologize if I was unfair to you. And I appreciate the effort you are putting into helping DWG.

Pets.....my kids are all very in tune to the family pets. It makes for great grief, sometimes, but that is a price worth paying for the love they give.

No problem. It was hard to tell from my description of what the problem was.

Yep, having those critters is worth the grief that is eventually gonna happen.

FWH, age 63. 24 years of narcissistic behavior, infidelity, and emotional abandonment of my BS, age 57, DancesWithGoats (DWG). D-day two years ago, leading to emotional breakdown. Been working MB program and toward spiritual transformation and personal growth since then, with some slow but real progress. DWG still with no trust, but with grief starting to subside a bit.