Good question. Here are three things I do to ward off "the black dog" as Winston Churchill called it:

1. Exercise vigorously. I run 20 miles a week; four times a week, I run 5 miles. I don't like running, but it produces enormous benefits. I can think more clearly about my WW's A, pray, and get a release of endorphins.

2. Deepen my prayer life. I go to Mass during the week, read the Bible and Catechism, and seek the spiritual aid of others.

3. Read MB materials, including Dr. Harley's books and threads of other BH's. Reading them calms me down and puts my situation in perspective.

I think you should do all three things. Certainly you need to do one or more. Unless you want to keep feeling blue, that is, which I doubt you do.

God bless,


Me: BH, 39 (and no longer jobless; just broke)
Her: WW, 33
Never lived together
Married 6 years; together 10 years
2 young kids (DD3 and DD1.5)
Her EA: Fall '08
She moves out of our home: Fall '09
D-day: 01/22/10
D-day #2: 06/28/10
Exposed to 12 of my WW's and the OM's friends and family members plus all of my immediate family members and some extended family
In plan A at Dr. Bill Harley's advice since May '10