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I'm just looking for ideas on things I can do when feeling down. My wife and I are in the recovery process (through the MB online program) and I'm being patient and allowing the process to work (dang, but I want everything better NOW! smile ). I'm just fishing for ideas on what you do that works to give you a little emotional relief. Useful personal affirmations? Good books? Chocolate? Etc?

Also, it'd be great to hear some of the "whys" of staying together. I think it would nice to compile a list to put into my blackberry to remind me (as one of the things to do to encourage myself when I'm feeling down).

I think something like this would help me to stay on track during days that I'm down (and other days too).


~Exercise is fantastic for an immediate mood boost ~ cardio, weight lifting, whatever you enjoy that gives you that psychological boost.

~Chocolate is good too ~ extra dark for me, thankyouverymuch. wink

Here are some "why" reasons:

~Your kids (if you have them)

~because IF you follow the MB plan for recovery, you will have a better marriage one day...I promise because I am living it.[b][/b]

Me,BW - 42; FWH-46
4 kids
D-Day #s1 and 2~May 2006
D-Day #3~Feb.27, 2007 (we'd been in a FR)
Plan B~ March 3 ~ April 6, 2007

In Recovery and things are improving every day. MB rocks. smile