I stare at the pool and contemplate how the pattern of the waves that are made by the wind on the water are so similar to the pattern made by the wind on the sand at the beach. I consider that the erosion of the rocks in the desert have this same wave pattern, and how the sound of the wind when scientifically graphed has a wave pattern.

How magnificent this world is, how these waves all connect somehow, and how how these waves ebb and flow. How the waves of the ocean rise and fall, the winds rise and fall, and so do my emotions. That I know that while at that moment I feel down, that the rise for "up" shall also come, that I can ride the next wave........

Or I can choose to make a wave of my own........

And share praise in the glory of the connectedness I have with this world, all from the smallness of my own backyard pool and a simple cool breeze.

Therein lies the beauty of the world, I regroup, thank my God, and know that He is in control.

If anything can take me back "up", it is to reconnect to my very smallness in the world, to know that my truly little problems when compared with the vastness of this universe, well, I give myself a true dose of reality and get myself back to work.


Lucky to be where I am, in a safe place to get marriage-related support.
Most recent D-day Fall 2005
Our new marriage began that day. Not easily, but it did happen.