Mark 9:17-18;21-22 (The Messenger)

17 -18 A man out of the crowd answered, "Teacher, I brought my mute son, made speechless by a demon, to you. Whenever it seizes him, it throws him to the ground. He foams at the mouth, grinds his teeth, and goes stiff as a board. I told your disciples, hoping they could deliver him, but they couldn't." 21 -22 He asked the boy's father, "How long has this been going on?" "Ever since he was a little boy. Many times it pitches him into fire or the river to do away with him. If you can do anything, do it. Have a heart and help us!" 23 Jesus said, "If? There are no 'ifs' among believers. Anything can happen." 24 No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the father cried, "Then I believe. Help me with my doubts!"

These verses follow Jesus approaching a crowd gathered around some of His disciples. The disciples had been trying to cast a demon out of a young boy, but they had failed. The crowd grew excited as they saw Jesus for many knew all things were possible with him. Jesus questioned the belief of the father and the father�s response was, �� I believe. Help me with my doubts!�

I often come back to the verses above as a reminder of the weakness of my faith in God and Christ. I do believe God and Christ can do all things in my life. I believe, but at times I have doubts. Philippians 4:13 says, �For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.� And I know from Ephesians 1:22 the Apostle Paul said, �God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made him head over all things for the benefit of the church.� So there is nothing Christ is not subject over; there is nothing He can�t change. I have the knowledge to believe, but sometimes like the disciple Thomas I wish I could just reach out and touch Jesus to know how real and close He is. I hear someone pray for something which seems impossible and I have my doubts it will be fulfilled. Yet a man like George Mueller prayed the impossible for the orphanages he ran in the 1800s and God answered his prayers. So like the man who wanted his son healed, I believe but I need help with my doubt. I confess those reading and to God I believe; but I doubt and I don�t want to doubt. Many of you may feel the same way. Maybe you feel God is not answering your prayers. Maybe you doubt God�s ability to do the impossible. God is more than able; we are the ones who place a limit on what He can do. Let us all pray God would take away our doubt.