HH you really need to disconnect from this woman. I know she is making great strides, but you are a hindrance to her and yourself. I laid out my argument in your other thread.

This woman, as she is right now is NOT trustworthy. She'll need years of clean living to be trustworthy. I notice she's stopped posting here. After an initial rush, she's got you back and she's tapered off. Why? Because she got you back.

She need to focus on fixing herself, not building a relationship with you.

You need to LISTEN to your gut that is telling you not to trust her. Listen, because it is trying to warn you. I agree with the others that say that it will take YEARS before you feel safe with her, because she ISN'T SAFE. It's like a druggie that comes out of rehab, sure they made a lot of progress in rehab, but they're probably going to relapse. It will take a while before she's recovered.

You need distance from her. For both your sakes.

She needs to do this without a relationship hanging over her head and you need to separate yourself from betting too entrenched with her in case she DOESN'T recover, she doesn't drag you down with her as she hits rock bottom.

If she truely loved and cared about you and realized the danger she was to you, she wouldn't countenance a relationship with you. The fact that she is still in one only demonstrates her further selfishness.

SHE is more important. HER need for you is more important than your safety or happiness.

Think about that.

She is willing to gamble with your future and safety just so SHE can have you right now.

Please, break up with her and STAY BROKEN UP.

Maybe a few years in the future after she's cleaned up her act, she'll be worth having a relationship. Maybe you'll still be available and maybe not.

There are many women out there. Some you could have as good, no a BETTER relationship with because they aren't so broken right now.

Just because you love someone doesn't mean you are meant to be with them. You CAN fall in love with someone who is BAD for you.

You know we're speaking the truth.

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