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But I find myself obsessed with thoughts that she is still cheating, or that she will cheat again and just do a better job of covering her tracks. I have no evidence to believe this - it is just a worry, and it won't go away, no matter how much I try to ignore it and focus on the good we have together.

When does this horrible feeling end? How do I move past this?

Based on my own experience, it takes several years for that feeling to end, and several more for to you fully let your guard down - just in time for the cheater to be able to abuse your trust again.

Unless you are REALLY sure that she's completely repentant about her actions, disgusted by them and not willing to engage in that activity again, I suggest walking. My FWW SWORE to up and down that she'd never, ever do it again. Guess what happened.

(see "MiM's Story" for more details)