Just wanted to jump in here and point out something about being betrayed by the one you love and what it does to brain chemistry.

Dr Harley recommends that a BS sometimes needs to see about taking an antidepressant for a while after discovery and in early recovery. Depression is typically the result of lower levels of serotonin which is why it is often treated with SSRIs that counter the drop in the chemical.

Low serotonin levels though are also related to obsession and compulsive actions that result from disorders like OCD. Recent studies using functional Magnetic resonance Imaging (fMRI) to look at the brains of people who suffer from OCD have shown that certain parts of the brain are affected by the low levels of serotonin as part of the disorder.

But the emotions that come flooding in as part of a memory of a traumatic experience such as betrayal are not really obsessing as much as they are failing to recognize the memory in time to circumvent the emotions that follow the memory by about 1 1/2 to 2 full minutes. We can sometimes learn to identify certain memories that when invoked cause us a negative emotional response and actually mitigate the emotional turmoil that follows the triggering of those memories by actively changing what we are thinking about to a memory of something with more positive emotional content.

See the Managing Memories thread in my sig line for more on this, but if depression and obsession are both present it might be necessary to look into anti-Ds in order to work through the trauma until the brain can return to some new sense of normalcy.