Oh BS.

That is not what anyone is saying.

But you shouldn't trust someone who isn't TRUSTWORTHY.

She has damaged your trust. You are in conflict because she isn't trustworthy and you feel that you should trust her for some reason.

YOU are not responsible for your feelings of trust for her. SHE is. She destroyed that trust. Your job isn't to just start trusting because she's doing a few right things over a couple of weeks. You can't do that, that is why you are conflicted. It will take YEARS of her acting properly for the trust to return.

You are worried because she damaged your trust and was unfaithful. You have to learn to listen to that worry, because it's looking out for you.

You don't have to be cold and bitter. But you should be cautious, wary and wise. You give people the benefit of the doubt, but once they have DEMONSTRATED their untrustworthiness, THEN you distance yourself from them because they are unsafe.

Your problem is not that you want to trust so easily, it is that you want to trust despite evidence that you shouldn't.

And yeah, you got a picker problem.

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