I'm totally with you Mulan. Nobody would treat a stranger like that but they have no problem doing so to their spouse. I still think waywardism is a yet-to-be recognized mental illness. If not, then the wayward IS committing premeditated Gross Marital Neglect.

To stray a little bit here, it occurred to me that another problem with marriage these days is that it has become so commercial, its meaning is becoming lost, much in the same way as Christmas has. Weddings represent an entire industry now and there's more pressure than ever on young brides to have the all-time spectacular event for their wedding. So rather than preparing for an entire life together, couples are distracted by choices of wines and flowers, dj vs. band and where to have their photographs taken. So much energy and effort goes into the wedding day and virtually no attention whatsoever to life afterwards. No wonder so many fail. I bet if you asked any of them (myself included) they would easily trade their wedding day event for better preparation for the actual marriage.