I am wondering if anyone can assist me in finding a course that can be taught to a group of approximately 12 to 16 people.

The situation:
I was helping out at a Divorce Care class. A couple came in looking for advice on proceeding to Divorce. Every person in the class responded by saying they need to work on their marriage and recover it if at all possible. They said they spent thousands on counseling and were frustrated they were not able to restore their marriage.

I suggested them getting FIL SIL and His Needs Her Needs. After they left the pastor asked if I knew where we could get a course explaining MB principles as he sees a great need for it. He really liked the approach MB espouses and is looking to have the course run 2 or 3 times a year if we can find one.

I looked on line but it looked like the courses are for individuals. Does anyone know if there is any material that can facilitate group sessions that explains MB principles? The hope is to increase the number of Marriage enhancement courses in hopes of reducing the need for Divorce Care classes.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.