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This is interesting to me, my spouse is recently on this "quest", too.
I am confused by how do you define this "manliness" and what yall are looking for.

Let's start with this - We're looking for popular culture and society (let's face it, the real education system here) to stop demeaning the contributions and existence of the male gender.

See, now, this is what I don't get. Why does everyone assume that pop culture and society are THE only education system here?

What happened to parenting as an education system? And, why are we discounting that parents make a difference? Why are we raising children to believe that pop culture is the end all and the be all of everything? Why are kids being raised so that the predominant form of entertainment needs batteries or electricity?

Granted, this is an off topic example, but kids are impressionable and DO learn from their family.

My 6 YO boy looked at me and said "Momma, I don't want to get my sister (whose 3) a bratz doll for Christmas. It's not appropriate for her." He wasn't referring to the small parts, either. He was referring to the fact that we like our children to be appropriately clothed, and he understands that value, at age 6.

Trust me, my child is not some uber-smart kid. He's not a genius. But, he does get things, actually, more than I'd think.

I just don't think that parents should be taken off the hook, so to speak, with responsibilities for teaching kids about gender stereotypes.

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