But I do believe my anecdote reflects the typical results.

You can present your "results not typical" outcomes in the same fashion as those diet commercials you see on TV, but that doesn't change the outcome.

Most guys when they fight, end up just I did when I fought, in the very same place as those who didn't fight.

If I believed the fight would make any difference in a majority of cases where the fight was fought, I'd advise folks to fight.

Now I simply advise men not to have children. They can't make you a visitor to kids you don't have. I really think things have to reach a critical point before folks are going to say this isn't working. It will take even more men refusing to marry and more women realizing that it's not just men who are the problem and let the pendulum swing back.

It will take more than your anecdotes to convince me to change my mind on this. When I see the majority of those fighting actually winning, I'll believe it's worth the fight. Right now, that's not the case. Now it may be in other states, but here, as I've said, a stay at home mom who chooses to have an affair will be the primary custodian of the children. An affair is not going to make someone an unfith parent in the courts. Since courts are about keeping things the same or as similar as possible for the children, the working dad is going to lose every time to the stay at home mom if she wants to be the primary custodian and affair participant.

Has Dr Harley ever come on here and said that WW's typically return home when a BH follows his plan? Has he ever said what the typical outcomes are when his plan is followed?

I believe it's possible. My question as always is, what is the typical outcome WHEN the plans are followed? When there is a WW and a BH and the BH follows the plan, what are the results in the last 100 such cases? How many BH's experienced a return of the WW, and how many ended up divorced and visitors to their children?