You haven't read all my advice. Because the real advice is do not get into a situation where you are faced with the fight. Don't have kids. Eventually, folks will realize why the quality men will not marry, will not have children.

It's the Mr Miagi fight, "no be there" advice.

Now you may say it's not fighting, I contend it is a fight, but on my terms, not the terms specified by others.

It's Viet Nam. The other side has military superiority, but still lost the fight because of unconventional warfare.

I'm not saying don't fight. I'm saying this is not the fight nor the tactics to fight and win. I will not advise anyone to fight the fight on those terms.

I fight the fight by being the best father I can be when I have time with my child. I save my resources for the fights I can win and those that matter.

So to be clear, I'm saying don't fight a fight you cannot win and that will not matter. Fight the battle on your terms, terms where you can win.

So far, the fights most recently recommended are not fights that are typically winnable, and therefore inadvisable.

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EE, what you're recommending is completely surrending to the enemys terms. I mean, if you're going to lose, you might as well go down fighting.

I coach soccer. I have a very successful team (part of which I feel is due to my leadership and knowledge of the game as well as understanding where each players needs to be on the field to play their part). We're a 4A team, and we play 6A teams as nondistrict games. It's often difficult for a 4A team to compete against 6A schools. And we realize that when we play certain teams that we will more than likely not win. However, we don't run from the challenge and we play hard till the bitter end. Sometimes we win and sometimes we don't. Playing against those teams makes us much better when we go to play our district 4A teams. But we certainly don't walk into the match giving up.

Maybe women will more often win in court. However, that doesn't mean you don't fight tooth and nail.