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EE, my boys are competitive and welcome challenges. So do I. If the baseball team challenged us to a game, we'd take them up on it. Sure we'd prob lose. But we'd still take on the challenge.

A challenge is still a challenge regardless of where, when, and how it is fault. Some challenges are just more challenging than others.

The stakes are very different between a pickup baseball game and the custody of a child.

Your children will not suffer long lasting emotional trama if you lose a baseball game. However, if you have a child with someone who ultimately largely removes you from their life, the damage is far greater and long lasting.

I can both welcome a challenge and not be willing to put another human child on this earth to face that prospect and not be inconsistent.

I was very clear with my now wife that I did not want any children and why, that I did not want another child taken away from me.

You know what, instead of telling me I should feel or believe that way, she understood.