If anyone has taken what I've said to mean NEVER fight, then you need to go back to anyone who taught you to read and ask for an apology.

Well before I tried to find Mrs. Terry, my second grade teacher, I DID recheck your "avoid at all costs" pronouncements:

Or that fighting and making a point makes no difference in most cases....I fought. I exposed the afffair. I sought custody. Yet I still ended up divorced and a visitor dad....Why fight when your own pastor blames you for your wife's affair? When your state supreme court rules infidelity has no bearing on custody?....So I simply finished the nutering(sic) so I have no more kids and live my life. I tried to enlist help for my fight and was left alone to lose....Why bother?...If at all possible, don't have kids.

Well, on the face of it I'm still gonna lean on the side of "no-fight, no-way" as the tenor of your composition. So, I guess my reading ability might, after all, be acceptable. Now, shall we discuss your ability to have your written words reflect what it is, in retrospect, you wanted to say?

Yeah, it hurts to fight and lose. But sometimes there is victory in the FIGHT. Google "HMS Jervis Bay", "Rorke's Drift", or "Taffy III".