It is obvious to me that the pain that EE suffered over doing all the right things and STILL losing custody to his wayward wife will ALWAYS (and understandably so) affect his perspective.

To him, the pain of losing his daughter (being allocated only every other weekend, and sometimes Wed. nights) when he did NOTHING but fight for his marriage, AND for his wife, has got to be enormous.

The fact that people are making this about whether or not you fight in general is ridiculous.

He followed all the MB principles, lost not only his wife, but his DAUGHTER.

His considerations are valid. He is not saying don't follow MB. He is saying that right now, the courts are slanted against men--even men who have done NOTHING WRONG. So keep that in mind.

The pain of losing so much in terms of time with your child, when your spouse is the one who cheated and walked out on the marriage (even though you tried DESPERATELY to save it) has got to be excruciating.

Let's all remember that his views come from REAL LIFE suffering and pain. He is not talking theoretical nonsense about whether or not all fighting is valid. He is saying that the pain from losing rights to your child is SO GREAT that you should avoid putting yourself in that position to begin with, if possible.

I may not personally agree, but I certainly understand where he is coming from. And I think all the things he suggests you look for in a possible future spouse are wise things.

Me 42
H 46
Married 12 years
Two children D9 and D4 !