Telly, I appreciate your post. I think sometimes when we feel strongly about a belief or a method or an approach, then we take personally any situation that does not "fit," so we attack the situation. The idea that we believe so strongly in X and X didn't fix something does not compute.

EE, I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been through. And it sounds like you did everything "right" (I will refrain from my opinion on the idea that there is one "right" that fits every person on the planet sometimes). didn't work. We can spin it, argue, throw around pretty confetti. But in your didn't work. In your shoes, I might feel the same way about ever ever stepping into the ring again.

A person not wanting to fight the same fight they lost AGAIN doesn't have anything to do with has to do with being human. We all do it. I will not be sharing anything about my SF life, and EE will not be having more kids or advising others to do so. You get burned......and you learn.