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He followed all the MB principles, lost not only his wife, but his DAUGHTER.
Let's all remember that his views come from REAL LIFE suffering and pain. He is not talking theoretical nonsense about whether or not all fighting is valid. He is saying that the pain from losing rights to your child is SO GREAT that you should avoid putting yourself in that position to begin with, if possible.

I may not personally agree, but I certainly understand where he is coming from. And I think all the things he suggests you look for in a possible future spouse are wise things.

"Theoretical nonsense" my hind end. You have no idea what you are even talking about. This has nothing to do with any "theory," because Marriage Builders doesn't address divorce. And of course the issue is whether or not fighting is "valid;" we can read his comments. This is all about experiences we have seen on this board over the years.. We know that the fight is hard, but we also know many guys on this forum who have fought and WON. So, don't tell us about "theoretical nonsense" when we have men such as Eph525 and Mortarman, among many others, who have fought and WON. Are the men who fought and won "theoretical nonsense?" Shall we ask them? Or their children?

No one misunderstands the situation here, Telly, except you. We just have a broader vision than you because we have seen both sides. So who is talking nonsense?

And I hope you are not blaming Marriage Builders for the loss of his family? It sure does sound like it. If that is what you are saying, how about backing that up?

Of course it is always good to do everything to avoid this in the first place. But I assure you most everyone in these situations never believed it would happen to them. Hindsight and all that........

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