Tawandabelle, I appreciate your response.

I would use MB if my husband were unfaithful. I would (and do) urge anyone to use it. I believe in fighting for relationships, and feel that the reward can be worth the risk.

My only point is that someone who has been hurt as badly by the courts as EE has might have a different view, and arguing it doesn't make sense. He is not going to change his view.

Arguing with people when their position comes from pain (in this case, the pain of having your child wrongly taken from you) doesn't make sense to me. I think gently acknowledging their pain is a better way to go. Then advocating for MB itself shines vs. being tarnished by what feels (to me) like attacking someone who has been victimized (in this case, by the courts).

But that's just me, and more of my "nonsense", I guess. lol!

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