Numbers 22:27-31 (KJV)
27 And when the [censored] saw the angel of the LORD, she fell down under Balaam: and Balaam's anger was kindled, and he smote the [censored] with a staff. 28 And the LORD opened the mouth of the [censored], and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times? 29 And Balaam said unto the [censored], because thou hast mocked me: I would there were a sword in mine hand, for now would I kill thee. 30 And the [censored] said unto Balaam, Am not I thine [censored], upon which thou hast ridden ever since I was thine unto this day? Was I ever wont to do so unto thee? And he said, Nay. 31 Then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he bowed down his head, and fell flat on his face.

God had given Balaam specific instructions to follow, yet Balaam was intent on following his own desires. As he rode off on his [censored] to meet others to go against God; angels of the Lord were placed in front of him as a warning. Had Balaam been able to hear and see God as he thought he could he would have been able to see the angels, but he did not. It was his [censored] that finally lay down and refused to go further. Even when the [censored] spoke to Balaam he did not see the wonder in its speech. Instead he had to admit he didn�t understand the actions of the [censored]. The God allowed Balaam to see he angel with sword drawn ready to strike and it was then he fell to his face in humility.

1 Corinthians 1:27 says, �But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;� Balaam, a supposed wise man could not see the wrong or danger before him. It took an [censored] to explain the consequences that lay before him. Most would be amazed an animal would talk and give reproof, yet Balaam was so fixed on obtaining what he desired he couldn�t even see the reality before him. God gives us plenty of warning signs to help us move away from sin, but like Balaam we are so wrapped up with our own desires that we would miss God�s direction even if an [censored] spoke to us.