Placing your job/career ahead of your marriage is the quickest way to watch your marriage evaporate. BTDT

Dream Job = Fantasy / You have ZERO clue -

This "Dream Job" is your way of meeting some of your needs without allowing your wife to participate... Do you see this?

My bet is that you are seeking Admiration and you have probably not let your wife fill this need for you much since you've been married.... You've allowed your job/career/colleagues to fill your love bank of admiration instead.... This is why you still fantasize about "dream jobs" without recognising the trail of destruction you're allowing to occur in your marriage.

Your wife understands the REALIY of you being away from home by taking said "Dream Job" - I'm sure that is not a FANTASY of hers in any way.... It's more likely a nightmare of hers.

Perspective (seeing things through your wife's eyes) and Motive (understanding yourself) are important ingredients when setting the stage to POJA an issue.

I can help you with a simple POJA suggestion about the truck..... Agree to a reasonable $ figure to spend on a vehicle first. An amount that you are both enthusiastic about. Then find the vehicle that matches the $ amount.

When you agree to POJA, you do not leverage your position. You have equal voice and thought. The minute one of you uses leverage, it is no longer anything more than a manipulative game.

Recovery began 10/07;

Meeting my wife's EN's is my "thank you" that refuses to be silenced.