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How, you might ask?
By expecting her to compromise them for the sake of what YOU want!!

She is willing to tell you what she is entusiastic about, and you are shooting down her honesty.....

I think you're being a bit rough on the guy. I think he's having a hard time understanding POJA. In a way, POJA is a comprimise between both parties to reach a solution that is mutually fulfilling. I know no one likes the word compromise on here.

I don�t know how well he�s POJAed the truck issue. It seems like he brought to the table he has a very specific truck he want and had his sights set on it. He prob. Didn�t think it was much of a big deal since he earns a comfortable wage and he mentioned that his wife has a vehicle that has all the bells and whistles and he�s been driving the same car for 8 years that is now in constant need of repairs. So she said no and he got his feelings hurt.

He wants a truck that has a feel of luxury to it. She feels he doesn�t need a luxury truck.

Lost in Despair, sit down with her and negotiate.
�I would really like this truck. It costs X dollars. It will cost us roughly X amount a month. How do you feel about that?�
�I�m not comfortable with the cost. I think it�s too much a month.�
�Okay. How much would you be comfortable with me spending monthly on a truck?�

This way now you can go shopping for your truck, keep within the cost parameters, and you�re both happy. You did admit that perhaps what you wanted was a bit over the top. So you might have to come down a bit. If you go shopping towards the end of the year for new model used trucks you can usually get a fantastic deal. Do you want it from a dealership because of the warranty?

A traveling job that leaves you away from home over nights is a no no.

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