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What I wouldn't give to be "normal." I'm really tired of being so odd. I go in these circles where I think I'm finally healed enough to live life like everyone else appears to. I go along fine for weeks, months at a time. Then something happens to make me realize I'm still the same mess with still the same messed-up thinking.

I won't give up, but these setbacks are tough.

I have come to believe that "normal" is a setting on a washing machine.

For years I bounced between extremes: egoism/inferiority complex, uncaring/sensitive, high and low. I could never achieve a sense of balance in my life and in my head.

Through nearly twenty years of A.A. meetings, working the Steps, having and being a sponsor, I have come to realize that no one is truly "normal" in any sense of the word as I understand it. Thus, I have worked for many years to achieve the status of "ordinary."

The most exceptional man I know is my 83 year-old sponsor, who this year will recognize 51 years of continuous sobriety! One of the reasons I find him so exceptional is because he is the most "ordinary" man I know.

Everyone has quirks, character defects, flaws and problems. What's "normal" is that each of us is different in so many ways, but alike in that we have these less-than-perfect qualities.

Learning to accept our imperfections and be "comfortable in our own skin" is a major step on the road to "ordinary."

At least that's been my experience.

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