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If I'm understanding right, the issue is that he told you you were not normal for not having relations with anyone until your husband?

Well, Big Dude propbed deeper into what was bothering me, and it came out that I'd never had an orgasm. That's what HE was saying I was abnormal for. And if you look at my age group (almost 40) yeah, I guess it is "abnormal."

What two other guys told me was that I was a weirdo for having waited for marrige and only had sex within the confines of that marriage, even though I'm now divorced.

Which to me is a very, very sad reflection on society.

I think it's an oft-quoted (though I don't know if it's backed) thing that a lot of women DON'T experience orgasm until they are in their 30's. Considering your history, being 40 and not having experienced it isn't that strange considering that.

I don't think you are weird for holding out for marriage, either. In fact, giving up on that for almost any reason, particularly the WRONG reasons is NOT going to make SF any more comfortable or enjoyable for you.

You aren't weird, you just have solid beliefs and standards and some bad life experiences.

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