Daisy, you should stick with what you believe is best for you. You shouldn't settle for less. I don't think you should be judged negatively for what you believe. But you still have to be honest with guys you're dating and not withhold that you're not going to have sex until marriage. I've stated before that I wouldn't want to date a woman that would just sleep with me on the first few dates. But I wouldn't want to wait until marriage to have sex either.

I think a lot of guys after dating for awhile and trying to have sexual intimacy and repeatedly getting the "I'm not ready yet" would start to take it personally, that you didn't like them that way, and look at it as rejection.

I think at some point if both you and the guy are going to wait until marriage that some sex talk should happen. Stuff like preferences, turn offs, definate nos, frequency expectations, etc.

So stick to your beliefs but always be honest.

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