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I think that you owe it to these fellas that you date to let them know early in the relationship that you are not going to have pre-marital sex.

So how early is too early? I used to tell guys on the first date. But then my friends told me that was why I was never getting a second date, I should keep shut and let the guy get to know me first. Honestly, few guys have lasted past 2 months of dating, because they tend to move too fast and I end up having to tell them I want to slow things down. Which leads to "when?" As one guy said, �I don't want to wait around for 6 months only to find out you're still not ready.� So then I end up telling them �no sex without commitment.� And then I never hear from them again.

Not all guys, of course. In my 2 years of divorced-hood, I�ve gone out with 3 guys beyond 2 months, but until Big Dude they were just �getting to know you� not exclusive dating.

First date is absolutely fine. If you don't get a second date, then you won't be wasting months on someone who doesn't share the same belief and commitment as you.

NOTHING wrong with that, Daisy.

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