Philemon 1:21 (NLT)
21 I am confident as I write this letter that you will do what I ask and even more!

The book of Philemon is written by the Apostle Paul as a letter to a fellow Christian named Philemon whom Paul had the privilege of leading to Christ. The main purpose of Paul�s writing was to ask Philemon to reconcile with Onesimus, an indentured slave who had run away from Philemon. Paul wanted Philemon not only to reconcile, but also consider releasing Onesimus that he might serve the Lord freely.

William Culbertson in Listening to the Giants, Christianity Today writes, I find that discipleship means, first, truly living. It does not mean a joy ride to heaven; it does not mean that there are no trials and no burdens. But it does mean peace in your soul and joy in your heart, and a sense, a supreme sense, of the smile of the Lord upon you. It is living. And discipleship means that you are using your time on earth to the best possible advantage. The Lord Jesus says so.

The Apostle Paul lived under a tremendous burden of being imprisoned for following in the footsteps of Jesus. Paul suffered and faced painful trials in his life. Yet Paul had a strong faith in God that God would answer his prayers. In the midst of Paul�s difficulties, Paul still found it within himself to reach out and disciple others. Paul reached out to the churches and to individuals. Paul continued to love and support others even if his circumstances were dismal.

Considering the circumstances of your life are you using your time to the best possible advantage? Are you focused on yourself or are you looking to help the needs of others?