Hebrews 13:5 (NLT)
For God has said, �I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.�

In these verses we find important promises from God. First God will never fail you. No matter what the circumstance is that you are going through God won�t fail to keep His promises towards you. Second, God will never abandon you. Whatever trial, whatever difficulty, whatever pain you face, God is there with you.

The word abandoned means to be given up. Someone abandoned has been left behind, forsaken. Whoever was responsible for providing care has failed. They have betrayed trust and left the person alone. My father was an abusive alcoholic. My mother had to divorce him because he continued to beat her. He shot at her, tried to run her over with the car and did many other abusive things. He abandoned us for the sake of his alcohol. My mother remarried and my step-father left just after my brother was born. He abandoned us because he didn�t want to face responsibility. The fear of abandonment can become overwhelming. I think back to all the times I was the responsible one for watching my brother, for cleaning the house, for taking care of the yard. I was abandoned to those duties because the men who should have been there to help were not. Thankfully my Father God has always been there to encourage me, watch after me, and lead me through difficult times. Thankfully I can say I never abandoned my children because my God never abandoned me.

Maybe some of you have been abandoned and because of that you have held on to bitterness in your life. Maybe your abandonment issues have caused you to abandon others. I pray God will heal your heart and fill it with His love. May you know God will never fail you nor will he abandon you.