Just wondering how all of you military wives like me manage to get in the recommended 15 hours per week of "Undivided Attention" time with your spouse? I like the whole Marriage Builders ideology and method, but when I saw this recommendation my jaw fell to the floor. That seems impossible for us. My husband work 65-70 hrs/week. No he cannot quit his job as he signed a 10 yr committment the military. If he quit, he'd get court-martialed!

We also have three children ages 5, 2 and 1 that he rarely sees because of his work schedule. He usually leaves before they wake in the morning and arrives after they are asleep at night, so he goes days and sometimes weeks without seeing them. That's not even to mention all the time he is deployed and never sees any of us! I actually feel like we have more contact with him when he is deployed than when he is living here and working 70 hours per week.

We will be separating from the military at our first opportunity because it has been so hard on our family and marriage, unfortunately we still have about 3 years left and I am not sure our marriage can survive that long.

WW (31) married 7 yrs to BH (31)
Dday 11.28.11, EA 3 months
3 children 5, 2 & 1