Oh I agree wholeheartedly that it would be totally easy to be in/stay in love if we could give each other that 15 hours per week. As soon as I read that I thought "Well OF COURSE we could stay in love if we had that!" Couldn't anyone? That would be easy if we had that time, but the problem is we don't.

I figure my husband has about 91 waking hours each week. If he spends 70 of them at work and 15 with me (and no kids) that leaves him precisely 6 hours of waking time to spend with either the kids or with the whole family together. Family involvement is one of my top Emotional Needs and him spending 6 hours a week with the kids is certainly not going to meet that need for me.

WW (31) married 7 yrs to BH (31)
Dday 11.28.11, EA 3 months
3 children 5, 2 & 1