This was an interesting read. I have been trying to figure out where when and how everything fell apart. I do have my own thread on this, but thought I would update you on the outcome of DH's POJA. There is no such thing with us, period. He will not consider it, he doesnt trust me to consider it. So the conclusion is, yes he got the vehicle he wanted, to which I agreed to. Yes he took the "dream job". The one that even in the posts he was misleading. The travel is actually 40 - 60% and right now its 80% (4 out of 5 week days) this week, 40% next week (2 out of 5), and in 3 weeks going back to 80%. So lets say it will average out at 60%. I am in no way happy about it, I do not support it, but he just plain doesnt care to hear that. I have most definitely done my share of dj's on the matter, as I am so angry about it all. The entire thing, he has only said what is necessary to get me to break and give in and agree. All of that was UNTRUE. So I will go back to my own post, and try to deal with the anger and lack of trust on my part.

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Soo Tired of the sadness

Me 43
Him 42
S 22
S 20
S 16
D 14
Married 17