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Do they still work together? Her reluctance to spend any time with you - sexual or otherwise - indicates that they may still be in contact.

Also, it's not the case that she is reluctant to spend any time with me -- she does like spending time with me, and will complain if we're not spending enough time together. She's also willing to be sexual with me, she's just not willing to engage in it for her own satisfaction. She claims she has very low desire (for anyone), and has always been that way. I believe that's a strong factor in why her emotional affair did not go physical.

I don't want to paint this situation as overly grim, she IS engaged in the marriage and is making some effort. She stepped up the sexual frequency for my benefit and engages without being passive aggressive or anything. She likes hugging me when we fall asleep. She claims that her needs are met, and that she's happy if I'm happy. She knows I'm not satisfied with the relationship, and that makes her feel badly -- but it doesn't motivate her to do anything about it.