You'll need to find things that you both enjoy doing together. My H is much more physical than I am, and he sorta beat me over the head about family bike rides until I relented and went on was nothing like he imagined, I don't know why he expected us all to go riding off full-steam when one of the kids was still on training wheels. After that, he quit asking.

Now we go boating (I know, we are fortunate to both be able to afford it, and live in an area where it is frequently possible), which we enjoy both alone together, and with the family. There are water sports for him and the teen and the older babes, and there is cove-sitting and noshing and swimming for me. Sometimes with wine coolers! smile

If she doesn't enjoy anything physical, what are your less-strenuous interests? Have you filled out the recreational inventory available on the site? We discarded anything that we did not both rate positively, which included some highly-favored activities by one or the other. When you find new things you both enjoy, it feels less like giving up a favorite activity.

When was D-day?

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)