I can't meet 3 of those needs because she claims not to have them and isn't interested in engaging.
You offer to meet them, anyway. Expect her to keep telling you "no" for awhile. Still make the offers, over and over again. Don't quit just because she throws up a wall and says "not interested."

She's in withdrawal. It's expected that she will not be interested in engaging in those things. It's expected that she will claim to have no need for those things.

But engaging in those intimate emotional needs is how she will fall in love with you again. No woman ever wakes up in the morning and thinks "Gee, I hope I don't get swept off my feet today." So pursue her. Chip away at the wall and make as many lovebank deposits as she will allow. She will eventually come out of withdrawal, and will start to respond.

Don't just throw up your hands and say "I can't do it! She won't let me!"

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