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Thanks everyone! Very helpful. I'm convinced enough to dive in and embrace it. 25 hours a week is going to be a challenge for sure, but I understand that if I don't follow the program, I can't expect the results. I'll provide updates on how things are going -- great to hear about the success stories!


Accuracy, a HUGE help will be the workbook here with all the worksheets in it. In the back section is the Undivided Attention worksheet. We tore it out, made copies and use this once a week to schedule our time for the next week. We write in times, dates, planned activities, etc. This makes it more likely that you will follow through because time that is not scheduled is too easy to put off. The undivided attention policy will get you the biggest, fastest bang for your buck. You will start noticing a big difference in about 8 weeks.

It is a chore at first, but once you fall in love again, you will look forward to your time.

Good luck!

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