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Markos, I like the rocks and buckets of sand analogy, and I agree that the problem is the absence of romantic love.

I am not convinced that making love bank deposits will "make someone fall in love with you", but I agree it can't hurt and I really have nothing to lose, so I'm going to go for it!

I feel I have been doing this for 10 months now, I guess I just haven't tossed in the 500th rock, or in my case maybe the 50,000th rock. I'll keep tossing.


This is great, Accuray. It will work even if you're not convinced; and you are right: you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

The problem may be that you haven't tossed rocks long enough, or that you are not tossing large enough rocks, or that you are tossing the wrong kind of rocks.

It may also be this new analogy I'm working on, where an elephant gets in the stream and kicks over the pile of rocks. In my marriage, I was the elephant. smile (In other words, Love Busters, any at all, will destroy anything you are building. You have to NEVER be demanding, disrespectful, or angry, and you have to accept her feelings as indisputable if she feels you are any of these things and learn how to not be.)

Regardless, keep posting your progress here and we can help you try to figure out why it's not working yet and/or how to get it to work faster.

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