I wanted to share a few other suggestions for expressing admiration to someone who doesn't like direct compliments.

The first would be to make it less directly about her. Make it about the thing she did or how it impacts you. For example:

Instead of "You are a good cook" say, "This meal is delicious"
Instead of "You look beautiful" say, "I don't know if I will be able to keep my hands off of you"
Instead of "Thank you for cleaning up" say, "The kitchen looks great"

Another strategy to make compliments come across more sincere is to make them specific. If you say something vague it is more likely to sound like blowing smoke but if you talk about something specific, it will be easier for her to agree that it was good and accept the compliment. For example:

Instead of "You're sexy" say, "I love how that dress hugs your bottom"
Instead of "Tonight was fun" say "I really like how much we laugh when we spend an evening out together"