Psalm 16:11
11 You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.

Psalm 16 is a psalm of thanksgiving penned to review the many generous times God delivered him from troublesome times. David gives thanks to God for all He has done. In verse 11 above David says God will show him the way of life. It will be God who grants him joy when he is near God. And most important David says the true pleasures of living are found within God for eternity, not just for the moment, not just for today, not for tomorrow � BUT ALWAYS.

Many of you remember Pat Summerall, a well-known sports announcer and spokesman for Timex watches. What you might not know is Pat struggled with alcoholism. In his book, Summerall: On and Off the Air by Pat Summerall (Oct 14, 2008), Summerall gives us some insight into his life. ��The intervention really opened my eyes about what life is all about, who was accountable and who wasn�t.� �Where the advice or the message or wherever the consideration, the choices that I made, who told me what was right and who told me what was wrong; I finally discovered that there was a higher power.�

His real understanding came �When I was at the Betty Ford Clinic there were two books you could read,� remembers Summerall. �One was the Holy Bible and the other was Alcoholic Anonymous Bible � every chapter is about a drunk in the AA Bible. So, I started reading the Holy Bible, started in Genesis. The more I read, the more inquisitive I got, the more I wanted to know about the Bible and what it was all about. It gave my conscious information about making the right choice. And when I got out I never had a craving. I have never had another desire to have another drink.�

Summerall found Christ and requested to be baptized at the age of 64. �It was such a magnificent feeling,� smiles Summerall. �After the baptism I felt so clean I knew what people were talking about when they talk about being born again. I had that feeling. I had a feeling of peace. I felt smarter, lighter, quicker; it was a feeling like I�ve never had before.�

From Psalm 16:11 we understand God is the true source of our joy and our pleasure. When we look for joy and pleasure in other things, such as alcohol, drugs or sex -- all we are going to find is disappointment, misery and painful life experiences. We need to put aside all foolishness and turn to God first to meet all of our needs. Thankfully Pat Summerall found out before it was too late. Alcohol had damaged his liver and he was within 18 hours of dying when they told him they found a donor. �Eighteen hours they told me I had,� says Summerall, shaking his head in disbelief. �But now I have a new life. That�s why I decided to write the book.�

Where are you looking for your joy and pleasure because you may want to reconsider your choice?