How many evils have been caused by alcoholism I often wonder.
All of the ruined marriages, broken homes, abused children, abused spouses, it truly can be the devils drink.

Today it's glorified with beautiful women drinking beer on television and appears enticing to young people.

I have two neighbor kids at my home all the time because they live in alcoholic homes. One kid eats dinner with us every night. Otherwise he just feeds himself cereal at home for dinner. And he is 7 years old.

I could be wrong but Im beginning to think that half of the population is affected by alcoholism in some way.

And I enjoy to drink beer, in moderation. They hand it out at the end Of marathons and it's refreshing.

Truly we live in a world infected with sin and Jesus said I am the way the truth and the light. And if we cling to Him our lives are so much more peaceful.