Bruce ... Welcome to MB. Unfortunatley your wife has all the signs of an affair ... she is letting this POSOM fill her emotional needs .. and she is slowly falling for him.... or has. Either way .. its TOTALLY inappropriate. YOu will need to demand she end contact with this person. HOwever ... you should read up on PLAN A. FInd out what your wifes emotional needs are and begin to be the best at meeting them as you possibly can .. and meanwhile while everything is pretty in pink. YOu snoop like a blood hound. Find the evidence ... DO NOT CONFRONT, DO NOT show your wife this site yet.. bring your evidence here ... and we can guide you with the next steps.

Check out these links .. - Is snooping wrong? - Are friends a threat to your marriage? - How to survive an affair.

PLEASE do not under estimate the impact of an Emotional affair .. especially when its the woman who is having it. Its just as dangerous and damaging to a marriage as a physical one is ..

Bombard us with questions after you do some reading. Get the book "Surviving an affair".. and His Needs Her Needs .. they will help explain everything with practical examples.