Galatians 5:18-21 (NLV)
18 If you let the Holy Spirit lead you, the Law no longer has power over you. 19 The things your sinful old self wants to do are: sex sins, sinful desires, wild living, 20 worshiping false gods, witchcraft, hating, fighting, being jealous, being angry, arguing, dividing into little groups and thinking the other groups are wrong, false teaching, 21 wanting something someone else has, killing other people, using strong drink, wild parties, and all things like these. I told you before and I am telling you again that those who do these things will have no place in the holy nation of God.

The apostle, speaking to the church, starts these verses by saying when the Holy Spirit leads us to do that which Christ commands us to do; there is no law given by God that would prevent us from such acts. For the Holy Spirit leads a person to do what is right and holy. However our own flesh, which is our sinful desire, leads us away from the Holy Spirit and calls us to commit acts contrary to God�s desire. Our Christianity obliges us not only to die unto sin, but to live unto righteousness; not only to oppose the works of the flesh, but to bring forth the fruits of the Spirit too. It should appear to the others that we belong to Christ and not to the world. This is our duty to support our character as Christians.

From the beginning of man�s sin he has tried to blame God or others around him instead of himself. When you look at the sins of the flesh above you can see how this is almost impossible to do. One might say, �I was angry at my wife so I gave into drinking.� Well uncontrolled anger is a sin that a person is responsible for. There is nothing wrong with anger as an emotion, but the acts we often commit out of anger are often wrong. For instance this person turned to drinking and yes, uncontrolled drinking is a sin. So the person tried to justify one sin by another sin they committed. Logically you can�t do that.

I have always said the devil doesn�t need to make us sin, most of the time we are pretty good about sinning on our own. Look thought the list of what our sin nature desires and if you are like me you can find a few that apply to yourself.

I want to encourage you along with myself that when we see something we are doing wrong � let�s try to resolve the wrong. If another person confronts us with our wrong, let us listen instead of striking back in anger. Encourage one another to love, to follow God, to do what is right. If you do these things God will bless you and give you more good things to accomplish.

Heavenly Father, I know we all have fallen into the trap of our own sinful desires. I know there are times we have disobeyed you and went our own way. Father we are grateful for the love, grace and mercy you provide; for if we did not have that we surely would have destroyed ourselves. Our Father please let us see the truth and put away the lies that call us to sin. I ask Father for the Holy Spirit to lead each one of us and keep us close to Christ. Help us Father to be examples to those who do not know you. Let us reach out to others in love and avoid the sin of hate, jealousy, arguing and anger. Father be with us in our daily lives, healing, nurturing, and just loving on us.

I pray these things in the name of Jesus,