My situation is that my wife had an ongoing affair with a dangerous convicted felon
This man was arrested and convicted. He tried to kill his own child and he is a drug addict.
When I demanded she end the affair she lied, and kept it secret.
Eventually she left to go be with him.
The Court gave me full custody of the kids. Te lawyer explained that I had to divorce her in order to keep the children safe, because he was coming to the home when I was at work and she was bringing the kids to his house.
I could not keep him away from my kids without divorce and custody.

I am a believer in Christ.
So now I am divorced and she has been living with him.
She is happy to have "her freedom" and tells her sister that she was tired of being a parent, so she feels happy now.
My dillema is what to do?
I'm young (35) and healthy and struggle daily with lust of the flesh, etc.

It is a frustrating situation.
I prayed throughout my divorce for God to intervene but of course I don't know his plan for my family.
Thankfully, my relationship with God has improved greatly as I was brought to my knees in prayer over her adultery.

I know that I did the right thing in divorce because I had to protect my children. But I still struggle on waiting for God to guide my future life as single or married or waiting on ex wife