Proverbs 8:28-30 (NLT)

I was there when he set the clouds above, when he established springs deep in the earth. I was there when he set the limits of the seas, so they would not spread beyond their boundaries. And when he marked off the earth�s foundations, I was the architect at his side. I was his constant delight, rejoicing always in his presence.

Jesus was there from the very beginning of time and in every moment of creation. He was by His Father�s side as your life was handwritten in love. Not one detail was missed as your Savior looked at the freedom that would be given to you one day. What a comfort to know that Jesus Christ has been part of God�s Plan from the beginning and not an addition along the way! The Lord knew exactly what was needed to change bondage into boundaries. One may think the two words are the same but they are not. Bondage is to be confined and restrains. Boundaries mark claimed territory. It marks the farthest limit. Grace offers us freedom. It is to one�s benefit to live a life of boundaries. Boundaries are confirmation of acquisition. As we grow in our walk with the Lord, these boundaries will expand as our territory grows. God�s Love continually moves the markers surrounding our life farther and farther as we discover another facet of God�s Amazing Grace and Love.