'The Risk of Being Foolish'
Easter Monday

Then they went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed...

- Matthew 28:8

Fearful yet overjoyed...talk about one of life's sweetest emotional collisions. Getting married, delivering a baby, raising a child, accepting a promotion, embarking on an adventure, standing on the starting line of a race...each of us has moments where we are simultaneously thrilled and terrified. Courage is somewhere in that space on the spectrum.

Today is the first Monday of Easter, the day after the Resurrection of our Lord. It also happens to be April Fools Day. I can imagine many of Jesus' followers feeling like fools after he died on the cross, wondering why God did not do a spectacular save, right then and there, in front of all the doubters. And yet, God did do a spectacular save--far more awesome than anyone could have understood--saving Jesus, and all of us, in the process.

As it turned out, the "fools" had faith, and their (our) Savior proved real. Today, think about what it looks like to love so much, to believe so deeply, that you risk foolishness. Open your heart.

- Kristin Armstrong