Genesis 50:20 (NKJV)
20 But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.

These are the words of Joseph who had been mistreated by his brothers because of sibling jealousy. They had sold him into slavery. Remaining faithful to God Joseph was falsely accused by his master�s wife of trying to assault her. Joseph went to prison, but found favor in God�s eyes and was able to lead others even in prison. Joseph was eventually set free from prison and next in command to Pharaoh. Joseph�s saw his father before his death, but in the death of his father his brothers feared him. It is with this verse that Joseph puts their minds at ease for now all of those who were with Joseph's father, Jacob, would survive the famine of the land. God took the ugly evil around Joseph and turned it into something for good.

I want to share some personal honesty in this devotion. The past seven weeks have been some very unpleasant, ugly weeks of my life. I have been working on a difficult work assignment that brings many challenges and can be stressful at times. I get the news my mother has terminal cancer. Ten days after hearing the news of my mother�s cancer I get a call she has passed away. The next weekend our daughter was hospitalized, which was difficult for her husband as they have only been married seven months. My wife and I have reassured him things will be ok. The weekend our daughter is released from the hospital one of our dear friends suddenly dies at age 58. She left behind a precious daughter and granddaughter. Then Tuesday night our daughter was put back in the hospital.

I know there has been a lot of ugly in my life lately, but I can see God�s beauty at work. Many friends have prayed with our family. I have watched people come together for our friend�s daughter and granddaughter to help them through their time of difficulty. The doctor helping our daughter is a wonderful and caring man who is available when we need him. I know my mother is in heaven with no pain and no suffering. In her death many reached out to show they cared. There are many beautiful things I can see in the midst of ugly that God put in place.

I shared this with a friend in an email and he wrote back, �Only those blessed by God are able to see the good in difficult times.� I knew my friend was speaking to me. I am blessed with good friends. I am blessed with kind co-workers who were there for me when my mother passed away. I am blessed that God watches after my family and provides the resources for their care. God is always doing something beautiful in the midst of ugly.

There are days I struggle, but then I remember God�s beauty and life seems better. It must be really difficult to find anything good in an ugly life when you can�t see God at work. Those who don�t know God most likely don�t see the beauty God puts in place. This morning I want to pray for those people.

Father there are many who do not know you and do not know the love, peace, mercy and grace you provide. Father I know they must carry heavy burdens. I know their sin must weight heavy on their hearts. Father I pray these people learn of your Son whose life you gave so that we could see the beauty in something ugly. The death of Jesus upon the cross was an ugly sight, but You Father took Your Son�s death and made something beautiful. You created a way to eternal life with You in heaven. Father I pray now those who don�t know you will find You and place their faith in the beauty of your salvation � Jesus Christ. In Jesus name, Amen.

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