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AskMe, could you say a few words to help lift the spirits of some of the Moms on this site? Today is their special day - it might help them to read a few words from you.

I was a day late, but I had mothers on my mind all day yesterday and this morning. My mother passed away in March and this was my first mother's day that I could not call or see her. Mother's no matter what you are going through know that the Lord loves you for the service you give to your children. Mother's may not always be perfect, but as they grow in The Lord they grow in their wisdom and love for others. Mother's do the best they know how to do and care in the ways they have learned. Yesterday may have been a holiday, but the celebration of those who are mother's goes on each day as your children look to you for guidance. Make the most of your time with you family, loving the Lord and showing The Lord's love to your family.