Hebrews 10:25 (NLT)
25 And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.

It was the will of Christ that His disciples would gather either in private or public to encourage each other and the people to which they ministered. They were to watch over each other, warn each other of sin, and motivate one another to stay firm in their faith of Jesus Christ. Christ had warned them that as the time for His return came closer there would be trials and tribulations they would face. Working together as one body for Christ they could help each other face the difficulties ahead.

Years ago I started writing short devotionals as a way to encourage a friend. He was facing some hard times in life and I wanted to help give him some hope and let him see how much God loved him. He shared those devotionals and then I got requests to include others on my devotion list.

Most of the time I write about events that are affecting my life, because I know if I am facing a trial in life there are others facing the same trial. Through my devotions I have learned I was not alone. Often people write back and say, �How did you know I was facing this problem�? I didn�t know, but I knew I had faced the problem. God was using me to speak to others about the problem I faced so I could encourage them and give them reassurance that God was with them.

God has a way of taking the pain in our life and using it for the benefit of others. For instance Alison Arngrim, the child star of Little House on the Prairie, was molested as a child. Instead of that event defeating her, Alison helped found an organization aimed at the protection of children from abuse and molestation. Alison has been able to encourage others and help others through their pain.

Kathy Ireland the well-known model and business woman has talked about some of the struggles of entering modeling as a young woman. Kathy managed to keep a strong faith in Christ and she often shares that faith to encourage others.

Tyler Perry the actor and director talked about his childhood abuse, but he didn�t let it keep him down. When Whitney Houston died, Tyler encouraged others by telling others about the salvation the Lord Jesus Christ provides. Tyler did not let his troubles turn him from Christ, but instead he found hope and faith in Christ.

Jennifer O�Neil who went through many trials in her life gives time to encourage others in the faith of Christ. Jennifer went through an abortion after a divorce. She grieved for years and now she reaches out to other women to give them hope and options to keep them from the same grief she faced.

Actress Leah Remini has faced some opposition after leaving the Church of Scientology. I have read about those who have reached out and encouraged her about her decision. I pray Leah would know the true love of God and that she would be encouraged and that others would encourage her.

May God encourage each of you as you encourage one another! Let God�s love abound in your life. Look to God for hope and know that God is with you. God loves you greater than you can even imagine. Encourage one another!