1 Peter 1:3 (NLT)
3 Let us thank the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was through His loving-kindness that we were born again to a new life and have a hope that never dies. This hope is ours because Jesus was raised from the dead.

Here the apostle encourages us to give thanks to God the Father and our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. For it was through the loving kindness of Christ that we were born again to a new life and given a hope of eternity in heaven with Him. We have the hope of eternal life for Christ was raised from the dead just as those will be who have placed their faith in Him.

You've probably never heard of Wilbert Williams. He's not famous or rich. Still, Williams received an honor normally reserved for the connected, powerful, and wealthy. On December 2, 2004, the city of Chicago designated a street as Wilbert Williams Way. The honor is in celebration of his upcoming retirement.

What did someone as unknown as Williams do to deserve such a tribute? The question becomes even more compelling when you realize that for nearly 40 years, Wilbert Williams has worked at the Woman's Athletic Club as a doorman. Normally, an honorary street sign goes to people who get the door held open for them not to the one holding the door.

What set Williams apart? He has carried out his duties in an exemplary fashion. Police Officer Paul O'Donnell said, "In all these years, I've never heard him speak a harsh word about anyone. He's a gentleman." Through his kindness and service to others, Williams made an impact on those who he met at the corner of Michigan and Ontario. Commenting on why he has always helped tourists, pointing them in the right direction, Williams says, "If I was in a different city, I'd like someone to help me."

Having a street named after you is impressive. How much greater the honor God promises to give to those who serve him well, an eternal inheritance that will never spoil or fade away.

[John Beukema, Western Springs, Illinois; source: Shamus Toomey, "Doorman Gets His Way," Chicago Sun-Times (12-2-04)]

God has the riches of heaven waiting for us. We need to realize our existence here on earth is short lived and we have a glorious eternity waiting for us because of Jesus Christ. Let us give thanks to God the Father and Jesus Christ who in their love, mercy and grace thought of us and gave us hope to live with them forever.