I just googled Plan B. But, I'm not 100% how it would apply now, is there any good link on explaining it more??

About 4-5 months ago, I did tell him if he wasn't ready to do counseling and work through our issues, I would be leaving for good in December. Not trying to be controlling. He did make the first counseling appointment this last week, it's on Thursday. (It took him long enough, so now it does not mean barley anything to me...I was hoping he would show he cared a lot and put our relationship first way way way before now.)

The last time I left after calling and having a counseling apt, Steven told me to leave as quickly as I could and write the letter. (a year ago.) So from what it looks like, I did part of Plan B, but should have enforced certain things before returning.

Even though I don't love him anymore. I'm open to a few sessions in counseling, and seeing if he is REALLY interested in having a relationship that works for both of us Also, do people in similar situations actually end up loving their spouse again and in a positive relationship (assuming both people do the right things)? (with workups starting pretty soon for deployments?) Or is it just time for me to consider filling since it's taken this long?